Saturday, December 5, 2009

Organizing a regular collectibles show

The card show is dying or dead depending on who you ask. In Canada there are relatively few regular card shows. Of course we have the Sportcard Expo held in Toronto each fall and spring.
On the west coast Bossa Productions organizes a series of shows in Burnaby (just outside of Vancouver) and also in Edmonton and Calgary. I am sure there are other examples around the country as well but not many.

Here in Newfoundland there are no longer regular shows except for a couple of tables at the weekly flea market. It has made me contemplate the idea of organizing a semi-regular collectables show. I think it will be necessary to expand the audience a little and include other "collectables" including coins, stamps, militaria etc.

I have started to rough out a business plan - I don't really care to make a ton of money but it best not be a money loser. Lots of things to think about - location, cost of venue, advertising, table fees, admission fees, table fees for the dealers, concessions and the list goes on and on. It is not something I want to rush into - I will update my exploits along these lines in this blog in the weeks to come. Till next time.

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