Monday, December 7, 2009

A few white whales...

OK first rule of card trading - don't show your hand. Never admit how much you need a card, indeed this article discusses best strategies should you ever have someone's white whale or should you have one on your wantlist.

I tend to take a more laid back approach. My complete wantlist is posted on my public website by set, so it is it not much of a challenge to see I am down to one or two cards.

In my case I have no sets with single final cards on the wantlist. I do, however, have two sets from the mid to late 1990s which are down to 2 cards:

1997-98 Upper Deck SPx

Needed: # 17 (Doug Weight), 42 (Jagr)

1997-98 McDonald's

Game Films: F6 Kariya, F10 Sundin

I didn't buy a single pack of 97-98 SPX (fairly expensive stuff in 1998) and I obtained most of the cards in large quantity purchase I made. When I finally sorted the cards I was only 10-12 away from the small 50 card set so I figured I would compile a list. Early on traders from the Canadian Sports Card Trader Group (of which I was an original charter member) quickly whittled the list away. But as happens quite frequently sets that don't get finished shortly after release can sit and languish. The McDonald's game films (see the elusive Sundin above!) were fairly tough pulls, I managed to get a few the old fashioned way (eating fries and opening packs!!) the rest were purchased directly or obtained by trades. Can you help beach a whale? Till next time.

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