Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Online Price Guides - a look at the alternatives sportslizard.com

Even if we have no interest in selling our collections most collectors like to have some idea of the value of our cherished items. Traditional price guides are great - we like to read the articles (however sparse!) and traders often agree to trade items based on
book price - often opting to use to the Beckett price guides.

Collectors also have no desire to overpay for their items so again we check price guides to get some idea of the typical selling price for items. Traditional print price guides are often not always accurate in this regard - and I find myself checking completed auctions on Ebay and other auction sites to gather info. Ebay only allows users access to completed auction results for a short period of time. This is where a website like sportslizard.com starts to shine.

This website allows users to search completed auction results from around the internet for pricing info for free. There is also a premium user option (for a fee) which allows you to store your complete collection and track its value over time. Below is an example search query and result for a 1986 Patrick Roy card. I will be reviewing other similar sites in the near future. Till next time.


  1. I love sports lizard. I was going to put a plug for them on my blog too, probably still will eventually, but the only problem with sports lizard is there's no filter to take out stuff like graded or non-graded cards I often get a very low confidence rating on there searchs when looking up something that has a ton of data for it. But the nice thing is you can look up the auctions that it's basing it's value on and kinda take what you need from that to get a feel for what something is selling for. Nice post.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. It's about time someone made a site like that.